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Social media campaign

I was honored to receive a Silver ADDY for Online/Interactive Social Media Campaign 2023 from the American Advertising Federation. I created and submitted a social media campaign for the prebiotic soda brand Poppi. 

Utilizing my university’s professional photography studio with artificial lighting, I styled, shot and edited all photos. I then transferred the photos into Adobe Illustrator to create cohesive designs that mimicked the brand’s message and needs. 


The objective of these 5 instagram posts are to inform the audience of the clean, natural ingredients that poppi’s beverages are prided upon and persuade those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, that poppi will help them get there.

mobile app

perfect match app mockup.png

PerfectMatch bands users together in the everlasting struggle of not knowing what your ring size is. The app allows you to scan your finger to find your proper size, store sizes of each finger in a memory space, shop from stores and share your size with friends or family so they can purchase rings in your proper size. All buttons, logos and icons were created in Adobe Illustrator and laid out in an interactive mobile app format using Adobe XD.

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