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publication design

sports illustrated cover.png
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vogue cover.png
sports illustrated spread.png

University of South Carolina is prideful of all of their Division-I sports teams and the women’s basketball team did not let their fans down. They had an undefeated season and made it to the final 4 in the NCAA, in which they lost to Iowa. All photography, text and design is original and created by me, then laid out in a Sports Illustrated cover and spread depicting their entire season and featuring photos from their game against the University of Florida.

vogue spread.png

Utilizing studio portraits of Sarah West, I created a Vogue magazine cover and spread by adding text and design features to each layout. The second cover, on the left, I designed, added text and layed out using a stock image by Jennifer Enujiugha.

packaging design

noca designs.png
noca orange.png
noca watermelon.png

Replacing a simplistic can and logo design of a non-carbonated, boozy water, these designs would attract the target audience of young women around the ages of 21-28 years old. The vibrant and layered can wraps incorporate a wavy logo as well as an illustration of the flavors offered by NOCA. I used vibrant colors to represent the bright, fruity flavors featured in their two variety packs. The trendy, fluid logo would replace a structured and formal logo.

King Wing is a locally owned and operated chicken wing establishment in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Their menu offers a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wings and much more. 

I drew inspiration from their infamous suicide wing flavor, which requires a waiver to be signed to even try. The previous logo used by the company portrayed a cartoon-like chicken, which I felt did not exemplify their risky hot sauce flavors. After creating a new logo, I designed a takeaway bag and menu to accompany it.


To spark inspiration in clients for new fragrances and products, I created trend walks in New York City neighborhoods of shops, businesses, restaurants and more as a Perfumery Marketing Intern at Firmenich. After researching and gathering locations to visit, I compiled information about what each spot has to offer and designed a magazine walkthrough to guide them through their tour. All photos were placed from each store’s website. 

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